OGC-API-Testbed - SANDBOX - Home

Landing page for this server instance, the "playground". Main website and documentation: apitestdocs.geonovum.nl.

Below the (web-) services running on this domain. Click links to view and interact.

OGC API Features

Access the interactive endpoints of OGC API Features Open Source products running in this instance. Links to documentation and HOWTOs included:

Endpoint Author Docs HOWTO
/pygeoapi GeoPython Community docs HOWTO
/pygeoapi_SU GeoPython Community docs HOWTO
pygeoapi: /bgt GeoPython Community docs HOWTO
pygeoapi_luchtmeetnet GeoPython Community docs HOWTO
/ldproxy Interactive Instruments docs HOWTO
/geoserver GeoServer Community docs HOWTO
/qgis* QGIS Community docs HOWTO
/goaf Kadaster PDOK docs HOWTO
/pycsw/csw.py GeoPython Community docs HOWTO
  • "QGIS" is the QGIS Server Application.
  • /pygeoapi_SU is the demo service for pygeoapi with INSPIRE harmonized Statistical Units added to the Sandbox

Storage Services

The above services serve data from local files (e.g. GeoPackage) and these storage services:

  • "PostGIS" - access via port 5432 - spatial database based on PostgreSQL.
  • Manage data with the PGAdmin web application

Supporting Services

These are services for administration and maintenance.

Endpoint What / Author Docs HOWTO
PGAdmin Manage PostgreSQL Data PGAdmin Community docs
Portainer Visual Docker Manager Docker docs
GeoHealthCheck OGC Services Monitor GeoPython Community docs